Friday, July 23, 2010

Transit unions agree to contract extensions; bus service running with changes on July 26th‏

Transit Negotiations Update Friday, July 23, 4:20 p.m.:
Transit Labor Unions Agree to extend talks to August 15, 2010.

Labor negotiations are continuing between Phoenix’s transit operations contractor Veolia Transportation Service and its labor unions: the International Union of Operating Engineers Local No. 428 (mechanics) and Teamsters Local 104 (maintenance staff) have both agreed to an August 15, 2010 extension.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local No.1433 (bus operators) has a labor negotiations extension until the end of September 2010.

You can get more information about the negotiations at

Veolia operates 33 of the Valley’s 99 bus routes in the Valley Metro system.

The City of Phoenix Public Transit Department provides local bus, RAPID, Express, Neighborhood Circulator, and Dial-A-Ride service to the public. Each of these services is provided by the city through contracts with private companies, which are responsible for hiring employees, scheduling and staffing routes, and negotiating employee benefits and compensation as part of their agreements.

All Valley Metro Bus Routes in Service, Monday, July 26 - but with reduced service levels

All bus routes will be in service on Monday, July 26 which is the start of a new reduced schedule because of budget cuts due to the poor economy. For a comprehensive look at the transit changes which include the elimination of some routes, changes in some routes, and reduction in frequency in some routes go to

Source: City of Phoenix Public Transit Department

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Focus Group Meeting‏

I am a member of an architecture design and community think tank studio, Studio 1to1.

We are currently working with the ASU Stardust Center in a study of the effect of high capacity transit on urban and community life in the City of Phoenix, Arizona.

The goal is of the project is to develop a stakeholder engagement process the allows for the many perspective to be integrated to a successful and sustainable solution the meets the need and wants of current and future Phoenix residents living in a dynamic urban environment

The final deliverables for this project will include examples of urban design development sceneries, policy recommendations, sustainability guidelines, finance mechanisms needed for success, mixed and affordable housing strategies, and the development of public and private stakeholder engagement processes that is necessary for success.

The project calls for a documentary video, presentation and community engagement process designed to inform audiences on the issues, opportunities and potential transformational effects of recent federal policies and new directions in transit oriented development.

The documentary video in addition to a presentation will be used to obtain 50 million in funding in the form of public and private grants and investments that will make actionable improvements to the urban environment of downtown Phoenix possible.

We would like to hold a small focus group with you and other residents to better understand your unique perspective and include them into the presentation.

Please feel free to call me anytime as I am sure you have many questions.


Thank you,

Matt Krise

Source: Studio 1To1

Phoenix Central Neighborhood Association will provide details from Studio 1To1 upon receipt.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

METRO to support July 4 celebrations‏


METRO to support July 4 celebrations

METRO light rail will increase service on Sunday, July 4, to support patrons of the Phoenix and Tempe holiday celebrations.

METRO will ramp up from regular Sunday service during the late afternoon to be at near 10-minute frequencies for patrons’ ingress to the events. METRO will also be prepared with a similar service level for when the events end.

Service will be extended that evening to the last full trips occurring at midnight, rather than 11 p.m.

The system will be busy on this holiday. Passengers are advised to expect crowds on board, at park-and-rides and possible delays. Please be patient and plan ahead. Post-event, look for the proper queue line to get you on board a train headed in your return direction.


Buy your transit pass in advance

Passengers are highly encouraged to purchase an all-day pass in advance for their round trip service on bus and/or light rail. Buying in advance minimizes your time at the fare vending machines altogether on the day-of. Buy your pass today from a transit center, retail outlet or station fare vending machine and simply activate it on July 4.

Overflow parking

METRO park-and-ride lots are free to use on a first-come, first-serve basis. If any of the lots become full, we encourage you to try the next closest lot.

Overflow parking opportunities for July 4 only have been identified along the line:

* Park Central Mall – designated “retail only parking” spaces at Earl Drive, west of Central Avenue

Monday, July 5 service

July 5 is transit holiday whereby light rail and bus will run on a Sunday schedule. Trains run every 20 minutes on Sundays/holidays.

More Information

Visit METRO’s Facebook page for additional event details and helpful hints or call Customer Service at 602-253-5000.

Bus service will be detoured around the Phoenix event and is free in Tempe. Visit or call Customer Service for more information.

Source: Metro Light Rail