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METRO citations extend to misconduct on board the trains or stations‏

METRO citations extend to misconduct on board the trains or stations

METRO has a zero-tolerance policy for violators of its code of conduct. The cities in which METRO runs through – Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa – have approved a set of ordinances and policies that are designed to protect the health, security and safety of passengers. Violators are subject to fines ranging from $50 to $500 dollars and may lose their public transit privileges.

In addition to citing for fare evasion, the ordinances and policies allow security officers to quash negative behaviors on the train or platform that have an impact on the overall customer experience and reliability of service.

A few of the key ordinances and policies to watch for are:

· Eating is not allowed on the train, although you may carry groceries.

· Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted if carried in an unbreakable, spill-proof container such as a commuter cup or screw-top plastic bottle.

· Earphones are required when using audio or video devices.

· Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.

· Vandalism or willful destruction of METRO property is punishable by fine.

· Do not lie down or place your feet on the seats. Always yield the priority seating area to seniors and people with disabilities.

· You may not spend more than one hour at a METRO station.

· Leashed or harnessed guide or service animals are permitted on the train. All other animals must be carried inside a completely enclosed and secured cage or carrying case small enough to fit on a rider’s lap and must not endanger or disturb other passengers.

These ordinances apply to all transit vehicles in the Valley, including local bus.

For more information on how to ride the train, download the METRO “Ride Guide” at

Source: Metro Rail

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