Monday, April 13, 2009

METRO ridership in March tops previous months

For March 2009, METRO ridership totals 972,962 boardings – the highest monthly total since the system’s opening. The average weekday ridership is 34,376, average Saturday ridership is 28,537 and average Sunday and holiday ridership is 20,508.

In February, METRO ridership totaled 908,052 boardings, resulting in an average weekday ridership of 35,277, average Saturday ridership of 31,417 and average Sunday and holiday ridership of 19,212.

METRO will continue to monitor ridership and report new totals on a monthly basis; numbers will be available by the middle of the subsequent month. Detailed reports of boardings by station will be available by mid-April for the first quarter 2009 and on a quarterly basis thereafter.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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