Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you to METRO’s one million+ riders in April

Launch of “One in One Million” contest!

METRO exceeded one million riders in April with 1,044,135 total boardings. “This is a significant milestone for a transit agency,” said METRO CEO Rick Simonetta. “We’re sincerely appreciative of our riders for making light rail a part of their lives.”

To put the spotlight on the millions of METRO riders, today marks the launch of a contest to hear their stories; one will be rewarded.

METRO’s “One in One Million” contest asks passengers to share a positive experience from on board a METRO train or station area. The stories will be posted online in June for the public to enjoy. One entrant will be randomly selected at the end of May to receive behind-the-scenes access of METRO. The winner will also receive 30, all-day transit passes and a gift bag of METRO apparel and other goodies. Visit for the entry form and greater detail.

Also in April, METRO achieved an average weekday ridership of 37,386, average Saturday ridership of 32,720 and average Sunday and holiday ridership of 22,694.

The following chart displays the ridership projections developed during METRO planning, actual ridership averages and the percentage increases over the projections.

Ridership Projection
Average Actual Ridership (Jan. – Apr.)
Percentage Over Projection




METRO will continue to monitor ridership and report new totals on a monthly basis; numbers will be available by the middle of the subsequent month. Boardings by station reports will be available on a quarterly basis.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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