Wednesday, June 17, 2009

METRO May ridership‏

METRO ridership totaled 928,259 boardings in May 2009. The average weekday ridership was 33,553, average Saturday ridership was 27,176 and average Sunday and holiday ridership was 20,219.

In April, METRO exceeded one million riders with 1,044,135 total boardings, resulting in an average weekday ridership of 37,386, average Saturday ridership of 32,720 and average Sunday and holiday ridership of 22,694.

METRO attributes the slight decline in ridership to typical reductions in travel regionwide due to summer breaks for ASU and other schools, as well as the departure of winter visitors.

METRO will continue to monitor ridership and report new totals on a monthly basis; numbers will be available by the middle of the subsequent month. Boardings by station reports will be available on a quarterly basis.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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