Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Imagine Phoenix in 2050

The city of Phoenix is about to begin a very important project and we need your help. Every ten years Arizona State Law requires cities to update their general plans. The General Plan provides comprehensive direction for the growth, conservation and redevelopment of all physical aspects of the city through goals, policies and recommendations. This document is intended to be both long range and visionary and to provide guidance for actions over a long period of time. This project will be broken into two phases. Phase I - visioning, and Phase II - policy plan development. Phase I will kick off on October 5, 2009 and continue through June, 2010. Phase II will begin in September, 2010 and continue through September, 2011. The plan will be presented to the public for approval at an election in September, 2012.

Visit the Phoenix Central Neighborhood Association calendar page at for specific workshop dates. The boundaries of the Phoenix Central Neighborhood Association (Indian School to Thomas Roads and 7th Avenue and 3rd Street) is assigned to the Encanto Village. A schedule for all villages can be viewed by visiting

A different activity will be held each month. At the end of each workshop, more details will be provided regarding the activity for the next workshop. You are encouraged to share this list of meeting dates with your friends and neighbors and ask them to attend. These workshops are open to the public.

At the first workshops in October, you will be asked the question "What do you value most about Phoenix, and why?" To help answer this question, ask yourself how you came to be in Phoenix. Were you born here? Did you move here? What attracted you to Phoenix? What keeps you here? What stands out to you as a special moment, event or feeling during the time you have lived in Phoenix? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you are not able to attend a workshop, please emai your response to


Source: City of Phoenix

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