Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transit Bus Strike‏

As you may have heard, transit employee unions are negotiating with their employer Veolia Transportation Services on new Collective Bargaining Agreements. Veolia is contracted to the City of Phoenix to operate 33 of the 99 Valley Metro routes. If an agreement is not reached by Sunday, August 15, the unions could vote to continue the negotiations or go on strike as early as Monday, August 16.

If a strike is called, this would severely reduce service on the Veolia-operated routes. A plan is being developed to keep the buses running but at a reduce frequency. A contingency plan will be posted as soon as possible on our website. More information such as which routes will be impacted is now on our website which can be reached through ValleyMetro.org or by going directly to

We know that this is a difficult situation for our customers and we appreciate your patience during this time. If you have questions, please contact us
PubTrans@phoenix.gov Phoenix Public Transit Department

Or by calling (602) 253-5000 Valley Metro Customer Service Line

Source: Phoenix Public Transit Department

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