Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taxi program for people with disabilities debuts‏

Phoenix Public Transit adds ADA taxi coupon to current subsidy programs

The Phoenix Public Transit Department has launched a new taxi coupon program for Phoenix residents with disabilities. Called ADA Cab, the program supplements Phoenix’s heavily-used Dial-a-Ride program for people who are certified in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). By working with local taxicab companies, the program allows participants to book trips at a subsidized rate, allowing for lower costs and more flexibility.

"The ADA Cab program bolsters our transit offerings for people with disabilities, and allows passengers to book their own travel when it is convenient for them," said Phoenix Public Transit Department Director Debbie Cotton.

To purchase coupons at a discount, participants must be Phoenix residents under the age of 65, and they must be ADA-certified. Certified participants can buy coupons to use to pay for cab trips. Each coupon is worth a dollar, and the $20-coupon books sell at 30 percent of their value, or $6 apiece. Participants can buy a maximum of $40 at that discount, and they can purchase an additional $40 at half price; in total, users can buy up to $80 worth of taxi vouchers monthly for $32. The coupons can be used for an entire trip, and can be combined with cash fares to travel further.

ADA Cab is one of several alternatives to fixed-route bus service that Phoenix Public Transit offers for people with disabilities. These options include Dial-a-Ride, which provides scheduled trips; the Senior Cab coupon program for Phoenix residents age 65 and over, as well as dialysis and work trip voucher programs.

The ADA Cab program is funded by the City of Phoenix and New Freedom grants from the Federal Transit Administration. The Phoenix City Council requested development of the alternative taxi program after same-day Dial-a-Ride services were eliminated from the department’s budget.

To get more information about the taxi subsidy program, call MV Transportation at 602-801-1163 or 602-801-1164.

For general information about public transportation, people with questions can call Valley Metro at 602-253-5000, TTY 602-251-2039, or visit

Source: City of Phoenix Public Transit Department

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