Sunday, November 6, 2011

METRO ridership peaks again in October‏

Breaking the record set in September 2011

PHOENIX, AZ — METRO light rail saw its highest ridership on record in September 2011, only to have the record broke again one month later. METRO had 1,258,711 total boardings in October, an eight percent increase over October 2010 and the highest in the system’s history.

“The increase can be attributed to a number of different factors including a large number of conventions, the Arizona Diamondbacks reaching the playoffs and Arizona State University football drawing a crowd,” said METRO CEO Steve Banta. “But it’s not solely events, it’s positive growth in response to good, quality service.”

METRO served a total of 55 special events, within a half-mile of the line, with an estimated attendance of 603,500. The events range from conventions, to concerts, to charity walks and festivals. The Arizona Diamondbacks had two home playoff games in October; however, the Phoenix Suns have yet to initiate their season, which typically starts in October.

METRO averaged 45,867 daily weekday riders in October; 36,725 daily riders on Saturdays; and 22,376 on Sundays. The Saturday average is also the highest on record.

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METRO is responsible for the development and operation of the region’s high-capacity transit system. The first 20-mile light rail line opened December 2008 and served 12.6 million riders in 2010, exceeding the prior year by 11 percent. METRO serves an average of 40,000 riders each weekday while also planning for six extensions that will create a 57-mile system by 2031.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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