Thursday, October 7, 2010

METRO stresses driver safety with 'Stop on red' train wrap‏

METRO light rail unveiled a new train wrap today. It showcases a bold, yet simple, public safety message: Stop on red. Obeying traffic signals is key to safely sharing the road with the 20-mile, in-street METRO light rail system.

“We wanted to use our most visual asset – our light rail vehicle – to convey the importance of this message,” said CEO Steve Banta. “Safety remains a METRO priority and we continue to think of creative ways to keep the message top of mind for Valley drivers and passengers.”

The Stop on Red wrapped train is now in service. The wrap will remain through the fall and winter – a busy ridership and visitor season for both METRO and the Valley of the Sun.

“The Stop on Red train wrap is a great way to remind drivers to use caution around light rail when it matters most – when they're driving!” said METRO Board Chairman and Phoenix Councilman Tom Simplot. “METRO is using this innovative way to take the safety message right to the street.”

Also launched today is the Stop on Red online pledge. The pledge is intended to solidify drivers’ commitments to stopping on red and remaining an aware driver. As incentive, each person to sign will be entered into a drawing for 52 free all-day transit passes – a little encouragement to leave the car behind and try transit once a week, for a year.

To take the pledge or for more information on METRO’s safety campaign, visit

Photos of the wrap and its unveiling are available on METRO’s Facebook page. Photos can be emailed upon request.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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