Monday, October 4, 2010

METRO to unveil driver safety train wrap - Oct. 7‏


METRO to unveil driver safety train wrap. Great photo opportunity on Oct. 7.

METRO will use its most visual asset – a light rail vehicle – to display an important message: stop on red.

Light rail safety remains a priority for METRO. While the number of collisions between light rail vehicles and automobiles has decreased by more than half in 2010, METRO and its member cities want to see this record continue to improve.

The intent of this train wrap is to serve as a powerful reminder to drive aware and stop on red lights. Red light (or arrow) running has been the primary cause for light rail-involved collisions.

Also on Thursday, METRO will initiate an online pledge seeking drivers’ commitments to stopping on red. Each person to sign up will be entered into a drawing for free transit passes, to encourage transit use at least one day a week. Greater information will be available at by Thursday.


Thursday, Oct. 7

9 a.m.


METRO Operations and Maintenance Center

605 S. 48th St., Phoenix (where 48th St. dead ends, south of Washington St.)


METRO CEO Steve Banta

Mesa Vice Mayor and METRO Board Vice Chairman Kyle Jones

Tempe Councilmember and METRO Board member Shana Ellis

Police representation from each city with light rail: Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa


Parking is available in the covered lot at the facility’s entrance, on the west side of the main building. Media trucks can park in the unpaved lot on the east side of the main building.

Source: Metro Light Rail

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